Solve Horseback Riding Fears

A couple of moths ago I started a Facebook Fan page called Solve Horseback Riding Fears. It has become so much more!

You’ll find free video clips, articles, and training tips on the Wall.

To get to the page, click on Horseback Riding Fear.


  1. gabriele glover says

    dear jane;
    I love all your articles relating to overcoming fear. I had a bad accident last year that left me with some lingering panic attacks. I have a great horse that is taking very good care of me, and I love all the information that I’ve been getting from you. I’ve been a fan of yours for many years. I recently found a old cassette tape of yours called ‘that winning feeling’. I used it many years ago when I competed in dressage. I listen to it now all the time, and it has helped me again. I also got dr. Maxwell maltz’s book, which is helping me also. thanks again for all your help. sincerely, Gabriele glover

  2. G. Clements says

    Knowledge is POWER! Review Jane’s tape about —when the horse’s head comes up, do the key twist of one hand, ride forward, & breathe!—-Review Jane’s You Tube about “grabbing leather with only one hand, steady voice, & ….review her You Tube. Do you have a habitual runway? check his teeth, check the saddle doesn’t pinch him, Check out the old cowboy talking about riding parallel to the fence, doing a turn back everytime you/he gets “the feeling”. the old cowboy mentions the Argentine bit. by the way, after the veternarian tooth check,!!!! Maybe the bit is banging the teeth!!!!! why not pony the horse with an old reliable school master? —Review those Savoie You tubes & God Bless Her. She just might have saved a person from an injury & the horse from slaughter!!!!!!!!!!!

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