My Super Secret Ninja Project

For many months now I’ve been working on something for you that I’ve been calling my Super Secret Ninja Project.

I’m so excited to let you know that it’s finally ready to go. And to celebrate the launch I’m offering some very special pricing on the different packages!

So you’re probably wondering what “it” is.


Choose Your Own Riding Adventure is a comprehensive audio program that allows YOU to custom design your daily ride.

Jane Savoie Choose Your Own Riding AdventureThink of it like a Chinese restaurant menu. Look at all the options and then perhaps pick one item from Column A, two items from Column B, 1 item from Column C, and 3 items from Column D.

Then you can download the individual mp3 files so you can create your own playlist or CD.

All you have to do is simply mix and match the short “lessons” to design a personalized schooling session on your iPod or CD giving you exactly what you want on any given day.

And you can rearrange the order of the lessons as many times as you like for fun and variety.

Check out all the mini-lessons by clicking here.

Have fun custom designing your very own schooling sessions!



  1. If I purchase the Super Secret Ninja can it be download on more than one computer. I have one computer at my house and another at my work site. How can I access this program at both sites.

    • Hi Liz! Once you choose an audio from inside the program, it is yours to keep and download as many times as you like. So you can log into the membership site from your home computer and/or your work computer and download as many times as you like – or listen to them right there. You can also log into the site on a mobile device and listen to it. Let us know if you have any more questions!

  2. Britt Meguire says

    Thank you! I just ordered one of your books and I have watched many of your videos. I can not put into words how much I appreciate your wisdom. I work with the most amazing horse that I love with all my heart, we kept having trouble with canter transition tracking to the right. After I watched your video on the canter transition I have not had an issue with initiating canter to the right on the right lead. you are amazing. I am so grateful because I have a wonderful trainer that helps me in person and then I learn so much from you and other equine professionals that help me work on my horsemanship.
    Thank you

  3. Sally Dalton says

    Hi Jane,
    I have an Android, not apple. will it work on my phone?

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