Using Leg Yielding to Help Your Dressage Horse Canter on the Correct Lead

Use this simple leg yielding exercise to help your horse pick up the correct canter lead every time!


  1. Hello, Thanks for some great information. I have a question about this video – Jane says that “he can’t pick up right lead canter unless he is bending to the right”. I run a riding school and see horses pick up the inside canter lead with an outside bend on a daily basis. I realise this is not ‘correct’ but it is definitely possible. I have also used a strong outside bend with weight to the inside as a remedial method to teach a horse to pick up on a certain lead when it has become ‘stuck’ on the other canter lead – again not correct long term but can help get the message across in the first place. Any thoughts gratefully received 🙂

  2. Your videos are very informative but as a beginner it’s difficult to see your leg actions because your black pants blend in with the black saddle and the camera can’t pick up any depth of detail. May I suggest that you wear a lighter pair of breeches and do a video for green beginners, like me and exagerate your squeezes, leg yields, and subtle cues so we can better pick up on where you are applying pressure, guidance, & movement?
    This would be the next best thing if your instructor isn’t there with you, in person, showing you where to and how much pressure in squeezing your thighs, or your calves, pushing here & there or sitting back slightly in your saddle to get your horse to react to their maybe-I’m-doing-it-correctly cues.
    Dressage is an absolute basic foundation for every every serious horseman. I have watched many videos and I do enjoy learing from your videos.

  3. I love these video instructions! They are so helpful to my sport which is not dressage but the principles are so relevant to the movements in my sport. I recently pulled out my notes from a Jane Savoie clinic I audited 10 years ago and they just breathed life into the little rut I have found myself in. This makes riding purposeful and fun!!

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